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Some tips for making your hair appear longer

Isn't your hair fast enough to your liking? Do not panic, here are some tips that will guarantee you a superb mane in no time!

-Cache your neck: And yes, by masking your neck you will attract the eyes to your hair which will give them an illusion of length. Spring is the ideal season for this technique: indeed a chic turtleneck or a pretty scarf will be perfect for celebrating the arrival of sunny days.


-Pop for the right hairstyle: Some hairstyles will be perfect for giving an impression of longer or shorter hair. To lengthen your mop therefore opt for a line in the middle that will enhance your face and lengths. However, avoid the lines on the side, known to shorten the mops.

Trick : In addition to being very trendy, the double ponytail is a perfect hairstyle to give an illusion of length. To make it, separate your hair into two parts: a high and a bass. Tie the upper part into a high ponytail, then make a second ponytail a few centimeters below. Cover well the low ponytail with the upper and voila!



-Y you have the hair:

A well smoothed mane will fall lower than wavy hair and therefore appear longer. However, do not hesitate to leave a few locks not worked on to give a natural effect.

Trick : You can also opt for a Wet Hair look by flattening your lengths with a touch of gel. Here you are with a modern and trendy hairstyle.


-Man extensions:

And yes, extensions are the best way to get a superb length in the blink of an eye. That you were looking for clip extensions for an ephemeral length or Keratine extension For a lasting length, there will always be Hair addition made for you.


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