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Adhesive extensions - Tape in

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Adhesive extensions / Natural Hair Tape Extensions

Change your look and hairstyle thanks to the 1001 -extension adhesive tape extensions. You will find, on our site, any type of blond (blond, platinum blonde, blond mechy chestnut, platinum bleak ...) and any other color of hair extension with adhesive strips. Our natural locks blend perfectly into your hair for a natural rendering. Discover our range of tape in hair adhesives which will bring volume and length to your hair.

Why use our adhesive strip extensions?

The adhesive extension is the best choice if you want to change your hairstyle regularly without damaging your hair or going to a hairdresser. At 1001extensions, you will find Excellent quality products To take advantage of the advantages of this type of hair extension. Here are a few.

Tape in hair extensions of 1001 -extensions are reusable

You can use your adhesive extensions several times. To do this, choose high -quality products, this is what we offer at 1001 -extensions. To reuse your hair extensions, you just have to change the adhesive strip and that's it. In our shop you will find spare adhesive bands.

Our adhesive extensions are pleasant to wear

Many women are not comfortable when they wear hair extensions. If this is the case for you too, we recommend extensions with adhesive tapes. The wicks are light And very comfortable: you will forget that you wear extensions. The tapes provide exceptional and unique comfort when the installation is well done.

Adhesive extensions are invisible to the naked eye

Whether Strong adhesive extensions (Length 41, 46, 56, and 61 cm) Black, dark brown, dark chocolate, chocolate brown, light brown, light brown, dark blond, light blond, platinum blond, they are undetectable, once posed. Each extension is made up of a small transparent adhesive strip integrated at the end. It thus mixes perfectly with your hair for a natural effect. Adhesive band extensions are therefore Suitable for fine hair, even extremely fine, because they hide very easily.

If you want to bring length to your hair, order the Tap in Hair Extensions of 1001Extensions in order to obtain a natural result. We have a stock of high quality products. Blond, chocolate… you will find the extension color suitable for your natural hair with us.

Adhesive strip extensions are easy to install and remove

The majority of extensions, especially the extensions sewn are difficult to install. On the other hand, adhesive band extensions do not require hairstyle skill to be placed. It is indeed a simple operation which can be done without the help of a professional. You will find on our site everything you need to put your hair extensions like a professional, including the crushing pliers and the spare adhesive strips. To remove your extensions, just apply a few specific dissolving drops on the adhesive strip and pull the wick.

How to install adhesive tape extensions?

Before putting your Wandpy adhesive extensions, above all you have to wash and dry your hair. Avoid any oil and silicone care. The Tape in Hair Extensions arise in lines, from the bottom of the head. To define a laying line, make a straight line in your hair and hold it with a large pliers. For Add volume or obtain a mechy effect, you need 1 pack of strands. To add both length and volume, you must provide 2 to 3 packages depending on the nature of your hair. Note that a package contains 20 adhesive strips ready to install.

The extension installation by whole strip

Use a tail comb to lift a veil of hair from the width of a band. Then put the adhesive strip (sticky part up) under this veil of hair, about ½ cm from the root, then lower it on the adhesive of the extension. Arrange a second adhesive strip (sticky part down) sandwiching the hair veil. Firmly press the whole width of the adhesive strip with a crushing pliers in order tomake good grip. Continue the process of your online installation.

The extension installation by half-band

This type of installation is recommended if you want a mechy effect. With a tail comb, lift a veil of hair with a half-band width. Put the sticky part up of the adhesive strip under this veil of hair, about ½ cm of the root. Fold the adhesive strip at the notch level and fold the second half on the hair veil which is so sandwich. With a crushing pliers, Press all the width firmly band to ensure good grip.

Favor professional quality products for a natural rendering

Out of 1001Extensions, you will find a wide choice of adhesive tape extensions. You can choose between different types of tits (wavy adhesive extensions and steep adhesive extensions) and colors. You will find on our shop colors such as: black, dark brown, brown, chocolate, blond, platinum blonde, the blond chestnut, the platinum brush, the platinum bleak blond. The 1001 -dextensions ties offer long -lasting outfit (about 4 to 6 months). Order your adhesive strip extensions on our site to take advantage of professional quality products. You will like to change hairstyle according to your desires without fear of damaging your natural hair and your extensions based on 100% natural Remy Hair wicks.



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