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Adhesive extensions / wavy tapes

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    1. Putting adhesive extensions is doing things big:
      What woman does not dream of lengthening her hair or giving them volume?
      Doing it thanks to 1001extensions is a dream at your fingertips, without breaking the bank.
      Out of 1001extensions, the price is divided by 4 compared to a hair salon.
      All the extensions we offer are of Remy Hair quality, which guarantees for all its products a pro and natural effect.

      - 100% natural human hair
      - Remy Hair quality
      - 4 to 6 months
      - 3 minutes

      Composition :
      20 strips 4 cm wide

      High -end quality Remy Hair

      - 100% natural hair of Indian origin
      - No chemical treatment
      - Easy to curl, to smooth, to color

      If you want an invisible and long -term result in less than 30 minutes then adhesive or "taps" extensions are made for you. The installation is very simple: a large wick of hair is isolated and sticks the first band under it and then a second on the wick. The result will be invisible for a foolproof outfit. It is recommended to change the adhesive tapes on extensions every month, this operation is very simple and will allow you to extend the use up to 6 months.

      New style in the blink of an eye

      - natural effect
      - Light and invisible extensions
      - Extreme fixing thanks to the adhesive bands

      No need to be a professional to put them, there is no risk for the hair. They can be easily removed using a special dissolvant and put them back according to your desires thanks to Additional adhesive bands. Extensions can be completed, smoothed or colorful. You can create a mechy effect by choosing a different shade of its natural color. All fantasies are possible!

      Wide choice for all your desires

      - 8 colors: black, dark brown, dark chocolate, chocolate brown, light brown, dark blond, light blond, platinum blond.
      - 1 lengths: 50cm.
      - 1 style: stiff.
      - Composition: 20 bands.
    1. If the extensions offer long and bulky hair in no time, their natural origin involves taking care of it in a particular way.
      So here are our tips for keeping dream hair.

      I- Before installing extensions

      The day before the installation, wash your hair so that it is clean. On the day of pose, brush your hair but without oil, without moisturizer and without styling gel. If your hair is colored, make a color a few days before installation. Be careful to choose a product without ammonia, so as not to dry your hair.

      II- during the installation of extensions

      Do not put your wicks less than 2cm from the root, under penalty of seeing your hair too much getting worse. Avoid temples and hair too close to the face or top of the skull.

      III- After installing extensions

      Do not keep extensions more than 6 months, otherwise the extensions are tangled.

      a) Washing

      Disangle with your fingers and brush your hair before washing it. Wash your hair 1 to 3 times a week only. Do not use burning water but at lukewarm or cold temperature. Wash ties to the tips without pressing too much on the fixing points so as not to tangle them.

      b) Drying

      Dry your hair preferably but you can use a hair dryer if you keep it at a distance of about 10-15 cm. Do not use too hot but rather warm drying. Do not rub your hair with the towel to dry it but wipe it in length, ties to the tips.

      c) styling

      Before styling your hair, unravel it with your fingers. Then use a big comb by disentangling from the middle of the hair. Finish with a brush specially designed for extensions. Do not pull too much on the hair to untangle it, at the risk of tearing it off.

      d) at night

      Before sleeping, brush your hair from the middle of the hair and untangle it with your fingers. You can also tie or braid them.

      IV- What products to use?

      Preferably use products suitable for extensions. There are indeed shampoos and special care. In addition, choose a ceramic brush, specially designed for extensions.
    1. All our packages are Sent within 24/48 hours From our warehouses, the delivery time from this date is then 5 to 8 working days.

      We also offer loss and flight insurance to guarantee your order during transport.

      Our products are sent to bubble envelopes or overprotected boxes for optimal protection of these during transport.

      For any questions regarding the delivery of our products please contact us


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